He Needs a Girlfriend

 He was trying to help himself. Since he was so freaking bored. What should he do? There are bottles lying around. Should he jump on top of them and crush them? What is this? What sort of craziness is this? He simply can't remain quiet and peaceful, not even for a second. The breathing exercise. Please don't make him angry. Obscenities and vulgar words are common symptoms of the boy's case so please don’t make him angry. So what the puke should the boy do? The boy should lie on top of a naked girl. Yeah that’s right he should strip himself clean and lie on top of a naked girl. So this is the disease that takes shelter inside an eighteen year old. This restlessness. Well. We really wish the boy soon gets a girlfriend to unload his bag of frustrations. It is not funny at all. The other day he heard his side-kick telling him his experience of doing sex. Damn it! Do you think the boy's penis got erect? Actually we nor does he know if it did or not. The whole point is ideological: the prospect of having a girl on the same bed was something new. It was something he had never done before. And we can confide in you that the boy is always on the move for the new. That’s what he loves the most: the new! Who the hell wants stagnation? The boy wants to get it done and over with quick. There are too many new experiences to be had in this world! He wants to be ahead of the game, not to be pulled along the race. What's wrong with that? He does his homework daily without fail. He is good, he is restless. All he needs is a girl to take off his steam.


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