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Time Travel and a Worm

What is space? Space is the possibility of motion. I need some place to move. That some place is space. Time is the measure of things moving from one point to another in space.

What does it take for one thing to move from one point to another point?


If things don't move and everything stays stationary. Will there be no time? I think there will be time. But there must be other kind of movements. Movement of thought or movement of sound.

In other words time is change?
I think you are right. If nothing changes then there won't be time. But the moment there is movement. That very moment time is born.

Is there any other possible way to answer our first question? Let us ask ourselves this question once again: What does it take for one thing to move from one point to another point in space? Think. Think.

Energy. It takes energy to move from one point to another point in space.

What is energy?
Does the earth need energy to move around the sun?
Can you think of anything that m…

Spring Season

I walk. The earth slightly sways with me to the left and right. In front of me dragonflies buzz past like stealth helicopters. Butterflies float around duty-fully. An iron handpump creaks and a hammer pounds--activities at Mr. Vidya's house. A breeze wafts past with the scent of burnt chicken feathers and then disappears. A butterfly zigzags past me below my knees--it's surveying the entire territory. A dove is cooing ardently. Another bird, it might be one of those redheaded mynahs, is giving off a mysterious sound at intervals--a progression of abrupt sounds that could be used in a thriller movie where the hero is heading to a climax. The dove is more ardent in its cooing now--in the background are mynahs and sparrows and hummingbirds but above all other voices is the cooing, the sound that is suitable for a thriller--and now i distinguish a whistling bird--it's tweeeeeeeeeeting. Tweeeeeeeeeetoe tweeeeeeeeeetoe. My goodness what is all these sudden universe of sound. On…

Dighalipukhuri Park

“Sorry”, the girl said.
“It’s okay”, the boy replied.
“But you are angry with me”, the girl continued.
“I am not angry, I am just sad”, the boy said.
“Why are you sad?” the girl asked.
“Because life is not what we think it is”, the boy said, “Also I don’t have any control over my life...I lost the winter-cap that I had bought from Lajpat Nagar, and I lost the bag which contained gifts i had bought for my mom and dad, because I am careless, and I should have been more aware of what was happening around.”
“Oh don’t be sad”, the girl said and slipped her fingers into the boy’s. The boy took her hands and sat there watching nothing in particular. The girl’s hair gave off a mild dove-shampoo smell. The boy then started playing with her hair.
“Aah…” the girl opened her mouth, “Ooh…”
 The boy paid no heed to the girl’s complaints and continued to enmesh his hand on her hair.
“Don’t do that!” she said.
“Why?” the boy asked.
“I don’t like it…” the girl said.
“I like it very much”, the boy sai…

The Room on Beltola Street

“How is Akash?”
“Aache Aru...” Amaresh replies.
“So what do you want? Vodka neat or vodka with water?”
I had come to visit him late in the evening. The idea was me drinking tea with him beside the Beltola
main road, the passer-bys and vehicles swishing by providing background to the familiar taste of
Amaresh’s company and the familiar taste of hot tea on our lips. But it had gotten late for that so i
had come to his room straight.
“Vodka with water,” i said, “That way i can prolong the sips.”
“Johnny Bhai take a look at the curry,” Amaresh said. Johnny Bhai standing barefoot and with an in-
the-mood smile turned to the gas burner. “Johnny Bhai you had disappeared, that you did!”
Amaresh exclaimed.
The music is playing in the background. Mmmmngggg Mmmmngggg... a trippy song. Johnny and
Amaresh are now discussing the debate between Arijit Singh and Salman Khan.
“Just as a mechanical engineer understands all mechanical stuff, similarly Arijit Singh understands
the mechanism of singing,”…

Confession of a Teenager

The seventeen year old boy wanted to make love with someone real bad. Feel the smell and crushing weight of someone from the opposite sex. To spend and pour out the liquid fire burning inside.  ‘I would not mind loving any one at the moment. Virgin, spinster, it does not matter at all. I so want to make love with “my” body. To “her” body. Not just enter my thing into her thing. The truth is I want to onslaught Nazbia from behind, grab her beneath her breast and then make her surrender. And then make romping love. That's what i want.’
If it was just a craving of his thing then it would have been an easier problem. Like always he could have just gone to the bathroom. But this was different, it was a severe one-- a craving of the whole body, toe to toe, ear to ear, forehead to pelvis. And especially the chest which cried every night and day to feel a soft bulge pressed tight against it. ‘Someone might bite off my nipples, i might allow...such fire and pain in them, God! To tell you …

The Paradoxical Truth

H o w   does   o n e   k n o w  “d a y”?   By knowing  “n i g h t” .   B o t h   “d a y”   a n d   “n i g h t”   a r e   “t r u t h s” .   T h e   t r u th   o f   n i g h t   i s   d a y   a n d   t h e   t r u t h   o f   d a y   i s   n i g h t .   B u t   w h i c h   o f   i t   i s   t h e   h i g h e r   t r u t h ?   B o t h   a r e   h i g h e r   t r u t h s .   H o w   d o   y o u   d e f i n e   h i g h e r ?   H i g h e r   i s   d e f i n e d   t h r o u g h   l o w e r .   A n d   h o w   i s   l o w e r   d e f i n e d ?   L o w e r   i s   d e f i n e d   t h r o u g h   h i g h e r .   S o   w h a t   i s   t h e   d i f f e r e n c e   b e t w e e n   h i g h e r   a n d   l o w e r ?   T h e r e   i s   n o   d i f f e r e n c e   b e t w e e n   h i g h e r   a n d   l o w e r .   The difference is created only from your point of judgement. C o n s i d e r   t h i s ,   h i g h e r   i s   l o w e r   f r o m   a point higher up   a n d   t h e   s a m e   h i g h…