Confession of a Teenager

The seventeen year old boy wanted to make love with someone real bad. Feel the smell and crushing weight of someone from the opposite sex. To spend and pour out the liquid fire burning inside.  ‘I would not mind loving any one at the moment. Virgin, spinster, it does not matter at all. I so want to make love with “my” body. To “her” body. Not just enter my thing into her thing. The truth is I want to onslaught Nazbia from behind, grab her beneath her breast and then make her surrender. And then make romping love. That's what i want.’
If it was just a craving of his thing then it would have been an easier problem. Like always he could have just gone to the bathroom. But this was different, it was a severe one-- a craving of the whole body, toe to toe, ear to ear, forehead to pelvis. And especially the chest which cried every night and day to feel a soft bulge pressed tight against it. ‘Someone might bite off my nipples, i might allow...such fire and pain in them, God! To tell you the truth the only part of me that does not want to make love right now, tomorrow, the day-after tomorrow, everyday, does not exist. I feel wild with desire from my nostrils to my anus’.
It is hard for him to relate exactly the seismic torpor that his body felt. One comparison could be made though: a bodybuilder when he has not had his workout for days, feels a similar kind of itchiness of the muscles... that breathlessness! ‘I remember Arnold Schwarzenegger putting it perfectly: “the pump after the workout is like an orgasm".’ This legendary bodybuilder, who went on to became a movie star as well as the governor of California had made it clear that he had orgasms after orgasms everyday, orgasms at home where he fucked the maid who came to clean his room, orgasms in the gym where he tore his muscles apart, romping, and grunting like a pig. Yeah, workout keeps the body taut and twang and makes you feel like fucking. Indeed dimple cheeked buttocks get a fine workout while intercourse. After he had lost his virginity the concentration of the workout's effect was in his buttocks. For weeks he had felt the heat of that carnal act in his buttocks, and it reminded him of the pleasure making him slightly dizzy each time. It was as momentous and ecstatic as he had ever dreamt it to be.
However, whatever, this complaint of his body did not bother his mental faculties. He was young and raring to go. The complaint too was good. It made him creative. ‘I feel horny all the time, it provides the theme-colour of my life: everything in my life has a halo of red. It helps me to even get up from bed from the warm folds of my blanket. Now excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom for a quick-one.’


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