Time Travel and a Worm

What is space? Space is the possibility of motion. I need some place to move. That some place is space. Time is the measure of things moving from one point to another in space.

What does it take for one thing to move from one point to another point?


If things don't move and everything stays stationary. Will there be no time? I think there will be time. But there must be other kind of movements. Movement of thought or movement of sound.

In other words time is change?
I think you are right. If nothing changes then there won't be time. But the moment there is movement. That very moment time is born.

Is there any other possible way to answer our first question? Let us ask ourselves this question once again: What does it take for one thing to move from one point to another point in space? Think. Think.

Energy. It takes energy to move from one point to another point in space.

What is energy?
Does the earth need energy to move around the sun?
Can you think of anything that moves without energy?
Does anything that move possess energy? Atomic energy? Electrons orbiting around the nucleus?

The planets move in their orbits due to spacetime curvature. They get their energy from spacetime curvature. And lastly E=MC^2

When there is spacetime curvature there is gravity. This gravity makes a planet move/orbit around a star. And this movement gives us time, just as we established in the first place. Time and gravity becomes inseparable. The higher the gravity the slower the time on the planet. A planet near a blackhole will be experiencing a great deal of gravity because of the gargantuan mass of the blackhole and therefore time will slow down significantly. Ten minutes in that planet will be twelve years for your colleague safely harbored outside the event horizon black hole.

How about we read it differently: when there is movement, close to speed of light say, there is a higher mass, when there is higher mass there is higher energy, e=mc^2, and when there is higher energy there is a bigger spacetime curvature and when there is spacetime curvature there is gravity and when there is gravity there is relativity of time.

It's perfectly true, you are just taking the causes and effects as you like them.

Then this spacetime curvature will allow us to imagine two spacetime dimensions which are normally lightyears away closing in under the effect of a gagrgantuan energy/gravity field. Then with a wormhole we travel from one dimension to other thus making time travel possible.

This makes me think of a guy i met recently. Dr. M Satish Kumar.

Who is he?

He is a worm. And let me explain why he is a worm and why i am reminded of him in the context of our discussion. When I met him, Lucy Donnan and her Dad Mr. Hastings--both from Northern Ireland, Martin from Scotland, and a reserved man from Wales I felt i was in a dream, because they somehow did not fit in with the stilted houses, the huge idle pigs, the chicken and the village by the river. They were a most unlikely lot there. It was M Satish who had brought them to the village where nobody from outside comes to.


M Satish was born in Shillong, Northeast India, in a village very much like ours. Now he specializes in creating wormholes. He is the Director of Internationalisation in Queen's University, UK. He creates bridges for Commonwealth students to study in the UK and for students from UK to visit remote villages like ours. The high energy/gravitational field of M Satish is a given. The moment i stood near him. I had said, "I am sorry but can i hug you?" and without waiting for a reply i had hugged him. Such was the pulling force emanating from him.

You are nuts man.


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